‘Short sleep predicts a shorter life’

I never sleep/because sleep is the cousin of death. Nas, ‘New York State of Mind’ Everyone knows sleep is critical few people prioritize it. Some folks think it’s a badge of honor to get five hours a night. But your brain literally eats itself when you don’t sleep.  Sleep is a ‘non-negotiable biological necessity.’ And why […]

Dozing off into the brief unconscious 😴

When the sleepy participants’ eyes closed in “microsleep,” a.k.a. dozing, the researchers saw reduced activity in the thalamus, the part of the brain responsible for relaying sensory and motor signals to other parts of the brain. The thalamus is also responsible for regulating sleep (and the same effect was found in the scans of rested […]

How taking an afternoon ‘nappuccino’ increases productivity ☕💤

Like most people, my brain starts to fizzle out between 2 and 3pm. According to science, this isn’t due to a lunch hangover but rather a part of our circadian rhythm. To preempt the inevitable afternoon slothfulness, author Dan Pink proposes to take a nappuccino. He recommends that before you take your 20-minute nap (science […]

‘Dreaming is like a psychological thermostat’ 🛌

Your brain works like a dishwasher when you sleep, cleaning out the dirty information and tidying up the important stuff. But the mind also creates a theater inside your head. Dreams emerge from unrestricted consciousness. They remind us that the rational imagination can be soo sober. Writes Emil Cioran in [easyazon_link identifier=”1611457386″ locale=”US” tag=”wells01-20″]The Temptation to Exist[/easyazon_link]: ‘Anyone […]

Why we need sleep 😴

“Scientists have discovered a revolutionary new treatment that makes you live longer. It enhances your memory, makes you more attractive. It keeps you slim and lowers food cravings. It protects you from cancer and dementia. It wards off colds and flu. It lowers your risk of heart attacks and stroke, not to mention diabetes. You’ll […]

The key to good ideas? Rest.

“A good idea doesn’t come when you’re doing a million things. The good idea comes in the moment of rest. It comes in the shower. It comes when you’re doodling or playing trains with your son. It’s when your mind is on the other side of things.” Lin Manuel Miranda Never feel guilty about taking […]

Taming the restless mind

Our mind manufactures time. It fills the present moment with things to do so we don’t have to listen to each tick-tock.   Yet the ‘tension’ that arises from the time we shut our eyes until we fall sleep reminds us that we’re still alive.   Dreaming sustains the active mind and pauses time. The […]

Gardening the brain with a good night’s rest

Your brain works like a dishwasher when you sleep, cleaning out the dirty information and tidying up the important stuff. You can also think of the sleeping mind as working as a garden, growing “synaptic connections between neurons” so neurotransmitters can pass through. “Your brain cleans itself out when you sleep—your brain cells shrinking by […]

How colored noise helps you focus and relax

Color can also be used to describe sounds. Here’s how our brain processes white, pink, and brown colored noises: White noise has both high intensity and frequency. It’s the best to listen to while studying. Pink noise has a lower frequency. It’s recommended to listen to this sound while relaxing. It’s also shown to increase […]

Newsletter: An interview with David Bryne, screen addiction, the benefits of sleeping, and more

Arts & Culture Interview: David Byrne “This Must Be The Place.” Artist, Talking Head, future-chaser, New Yorker. David Byrne is a creator that loves disorder. He’s still digging culture and taking notes at the age of 63. “I used to store ideas for songs on an early Walkman,” he recalls, “which was a giant thing. […]

Ready, Rock Steady

The more you work the more you make, at least it appears that way. But Søren Kierkegaard thought wiser: “Of all ridiculous things the most ridiculous seems to me, to be busy — to be a man who is brisk about his food and his work.” Henry Miller also disdained overworking: “I’ve found that it […]