The bright rush of ideas

rush ideas

Where do good ideas come from, and how do they form? They come from extensive research bolstered by the ability to connect the dots between knowledge and different experiences.

Good ideas form through time, osmosis, long walks, boredom, and the misheard; a fruitful combination of work, rest, and fearless play.

Maintaining curiosity motivates part of the unconscious; quieting the monkey mind delivers interesting ideas that err on openness and possibility. It is ignorance, like indifference, that portends a slow grind downward.

Not everyone cares about learning or showing compassion. Most people seek entertainment, amusing themselves to death. They seek minus knowledge and construct a self-narrative dependent on suppressing emotions. What they don’t know bars the synchronicities, making them “stronger.” In reality, they are less than average.

First-class minds, however, are prepared to confront their stupidity and adopt the perspectives of others so they can see the other side.

Only when people realize that there’s a solution for insouciance and stuckness — called EFFORT — is it too late. To remain active in imagination and love is to stay wide awake. People need each other because they need ideas.

We wield the baton and conduct our senses, coloring the world with our eyes. Immersion constitutes a sense of self, making all the difference in discovering the bright chunks of ideas waiting to emerge.

Awareness is a kind of anti-paralysis, liberating over-thinkers from the tyranny of thought and providing them a passport to freedom.