The shared intimacy of the individual

Behavior operates at the amygdala level. Without conscious interpretation, we either fight or run away.

Instead, what we seek is more constructive: long-term serotonin levels that strengthen emotional agility. Once we develop kinship between our senses and surroundings, we can level set and carry on when things go against us.

There will always be those resistors who share a desperate need to assert their own solipsism. It’s easy and tempting to fall for impulse and avoid cooperation in the daily saga of Prisoner’s Dilemma. But just as the clock synchronizes everyone’s day, patience, nuance, and collaboration are unifying traits with many-to-many broadcasting in play.

It may be trite to say, but it pays to be nice. While strict mandates are enough to convince people to do good — lest they go to jail — most people want to do what’s best for society. However, it is illuminating to note that the individual can still cultivate a unique identity as part of the greater collective.

Being different is applauded, as the mechanics of risk-taking and breaking things is a hallmark of innovation. One can still play by the rules in the most rebellious phase of their life. The hard part is being misunderstood for a catalog of years.

Some people prefer to go it alone, not for conceit or snobbery, but for the sake of standing for something rather than nothing. What’s good for one often benefits the whole, as the audience catches up to the characteristics of the most alive forms.