Thinking things through

What we’re thinking of right now often feels of the utmost importance.

Negative thoughts, in particular, turn passive onlookers into nervous inward-facing participants. The face twitch, lip biting, short breaths, full-bodied elsewhereness — says it all.

The nerves light up like a Christmas tree, flaring internally on a rollercoaster of emotions. The brain gets stuck in gear, a sprain only that a transcendent redesign can heal.

Thankfully the world challenges our inner landscapes, knocking us in different directions, often for the better — engaging in imaginative doom-musing gets pretty dull anyway. The tension of outside interruptions helps in breaking up the rote neural circuitry.

The mind snatches the nearest pen to think things through. The beauty arrives with the movement; a flow crystalized into an arrangement. But it’s the delicate pause, the silence between the notes, giving way to mind blurbs that might be insightful.

Thinking is a mysterious process.

The mind vacuums and spits out everything in abundance: anxiety, doubt, optimism, and possibilities., creating a twister of emotion. Thankfully, disfluency has elbows, becoming a welcome distraction. Trapped between provocation and constriction, we finally settle down.

Writing recenters thought from the chaos of the monkey mind and helps us decode the insanity of reality. The extra clarity allows us to put our insides out there more aggressively. We can, on the contrary, improve the quality of life through the grittiness of diverged thought.