The brilliance in absurdity

The synergy between brilliance and absurdity is one of the paradoxes of our time. One can’t be crazy without being wickedly smart. Thinking different isn’t supposed to compute.

For the innovator, experimentation is the antidote to perfectionism. Trial and error is a mechanism for chance discovery. The right answer is a function of the mistakes.

The great mismatch between man’s mental software and that of a machine comes down to human fallibility. The genius, trapped within their own realities, is ignorant enough to accommodate the messy unknown. It’s precisely this disconnectedness that makes their perspective wondrous and beautiful.

The mind remains unique in knowledge accumulation despite all its neuronal connectors resembling the tangled intricacy of machines. The intuition pump that drives combinatorial creativity still does circles around artificial intelligence. Humans thwart all those chips and wires with various voltage levels of curiosity.

Yet, the emergent output patterns are nowhere near normal for everybody. The nerds and outsiders must be motivated to deploy their weirdness by giving a shit.