To get lost, on purpose

To get lost, on purpose

Nothing is more abandoned than the desert. Yet, there is nothing more stimulating than letting the imagination fill in the empty space.

The blank page work the same way. We fill it in with fiction and truth, recasting observations and thoughts about our surroundings.

Curiosity is the best book. As more land becomes visible, we realize how much more hides away in the distance. 

We’re entertaining ourselves to death

It’s vital to get outside the bubble that is our screen-obsessed culture and get back to the fundamentals: reading and independent thinking. 

Philosophers and poets are the remaining guardians against a plastic society

Jettison the map. It is arbitrary, anyway. As the Polish-American scientist Alfred Korzybski once said, “the map is not the territory.”

We shall explore the world as a desert, as William Atkins writes, “a library whose shelves have never been occupied.” 

The cost of distance is nothing compared to the rich expansion of the mind’s eye.