Weighing the good and the bad

good bad image

The brevity of good — it’s as if the shelf-life of positivity yields to the durability of the negative. 

Pessimism turns the world upside down to the point that the Earth’s emotions feel flat. 

How do you wake up and shake up the good vibes?

First, you come to expect that the future will be better than the past. Hope is the oldest and most dependable survival tactic in the book. But despair is also in the genes.  

Imagination is the great equalizer — it dreams upward and downward. You decide what to latch onto. The challenge becomes how to stay grounded in the good and the bad.

One uses the pragmatist razor to assess the criteria in all subjectivity, deciding which of your beliefs have cash value and convert in the real world. 

Practicality withstands all doubts and hopium. It saves you from irrational exuberance. What works, and what we strive to want to work is the philosophy that seems to work best.