Why we ship

“When we ship, we’re exposed,” writes Steven Pressfield in his book Do the Work.

Do we deliver? The professional artist ships even if they don’t believe 100% in what they make.


Because behind the cycle of perpetual creation is a signal–whether through viewer feedback or connectivity—on what to make and where to go next.

What feels like a sinking ship is a great ship sliding out of port, toward a compassless journey that is long, arduous, but despite the shakiness, inherently still. The lighthouse is always there to guide us when we get lost.

The creative process rides the water’s edges in an attempt to find the treasure in the middle—the one that promises a little peace for the risk within ourselves.

We steer the ship. But only if we choose to keep slipping out to sea, on board with the whims of the waves.

gif by @mjguzmans