Above the rim

Above the rim

The imitative instinct drives one into a field of copycats. It doesn’t take a miracle to mimic previous forms produced by someone else. 

But it does take a lot of courage to be different. If one gets lucky, magic will cluster together with the advantage of creativity, discovery, and innovation. 

One is at their best when they’re most uncomfortable yet float confidently in the trek. Because the fun begins just before the feet touch terra firma.

The security of insecurity, the absence of safety, and the peril of doubt are what provide the helping hand. That’s what rolling up the sleeves and facing the world with impressive persistence is all about. 

Hanging in the air is where life is most exciting. Amid the uncertainty, the trick to feeling more alive is simply feeling unresolved. It’s the herd of the content who are touched down with storytelling. They are also liars.

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