Assume everything and nothing


We suffer from a surfeit of choice. Stuck in indecision, we end up doing nothing at all. Perhaps intertia is the best solution in these dizzying times. Instead of forcing the issue, we let nature take its course.

But more often than not, life doesn't move unless we do. It begs for action and a subsequent reaction. Even more, in doing, we realize how much more is invisible.

Passivity and dynamism coexist

Surrounded by a morass of distraction machines, it's no wonder we permit the frustration of ‘what's next' chip away at our patience. “Patience is the key to joy,” wrote Rumi.

Staring into nature's green space may not solve our problem, but it will help us think expansively. We can assume that the best answer lies beyond us. That is until we realize that the answer cramped inside us all along.

The wait never means never if we never get tired of waiting it out right now.

The search continues.

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  1. Contacted Wpress. They said it all looked fine on their end and recommended to unsubscribe and resubscribe. Hope that works!

  2. Had no idea. Will see what’s going on — thx for the heads up.

  3. Oh! I don’t know why but I follow your posts and they haven’t showed up on my wordpress reader. Thought you might want to know.

  4. “life doesn’t move unless we do” and that’s why I bog instead of dreaming that a talent scout randomly picks me out of a crowd and says, “you look creative! Want a fulfilling career in media?!” But this process requires patience as mentioned – GREAT POST!

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