Evolutionary parameters

Evolutionary parameters

We evolve from the art of spontaneity. 

The future is an extension of the present. We respond to the demands of the moment with ingenuity, not suave perfection.  

Humans harbor the same creative impulses: to survive, express, and question the status quo.  

In the 14th century, we wore pointed medieval shoes. Today, we’re wearing Nike, Prada, etc., with an assortment of shoes split by occasion. Fashion is cyclical but intense, to which the ebb and flow converge into dynamic designs. 

Often along comes the elemental strangeness of the individual. We must give the weird space to explore their unique curiosity.

Outsiders set the evolutionary parameters. The misfits, changed agents, make the crowd more malleable. Society strives off the plurality of ideas. 

People, too, are part of nature and combining multiple perspectives augment the mental model. 

Since change is the only constant, we live in beta.