Let it roll

We remain stuck in a rolling process, moving along despite taking on the beatings of market forces. The gyrations try to wash us out to the point we capitulate into the sea.

We only drown when we try too hard to control outcomes. Curious yet complicated, letting go of gravity and force seems the only way to stay afloat.

Never taking it easy, we proceed with the business of living, patiently waiting for time to fill in the gaps.

Life intends to be savored to the point of sensing the individual flavor notes. To develop any hardened concentration, we need to act more like the tortoise than the hare. The more opportunities we take to pause and search our minds, the better.

The stakes are far too high for a head-rush. Dopamine gets consumed and swiftly forgotten. Instead, we want to stay balanced while surfing the rolling swells of structured serotonin levels.