On the move

The synchronization of the clock, cooperation, and ideas depend on a type of balance and life force.

Time, for instance, is manufactured. Coercion is natural; cooperation is artificial. Ideas lean on a person’s capacity to act — whether in theory, or real life, the potential for realization is encouraging.

Anxiety is dizzying enough. She who hesitates is lost. The preoccupation with failure produces backward momentum while living in the future amplifies the stress in the head.

To move, the clock to tick, for people to work together, for one to philosophize, the object needs to develop impressive persistence to grind through the everyday.

Pushing things forward is a passport to freedom once we accept that the present never stops, just as the truth never expires. Getting the right balance means grappling with the extremes to avoid getting caught with all the mush in the middle.

We move.