Seen but diluted

Seen but diluted

The proliferation of images undermines our ability to pay attention to any single one. So we keep skimming, scrolling, consuming more and understanding less; all the while contributing to the chaos to avoid missing out.

On top of this, all Instagram images tend to look the same. It’s easier to conform to selfies, food porn, and minimalism than it is to stand out in the shadows of weird.

Even the anti-conformist photos all look the same while the well-choreographed, awe-inspiring National Geographic pictures lose out to all the artistic sameness.

“We have come to a point in society where we are all taking too many photos and spending very little time looking at them.”

Om Malik

Our eyeballs fall into inanition–too tired to give particular attention to the images that deserve a closer look. Instagram dulls the senses in exchange for the nearest click outside in the ether.

Perhaps Huxley was right: we’re so inundated with screens and media pollution that even books with all the facts in the world start to lose their discreteness.

We can forget the algorithmic filter that promises to save time by showing us the best stuff. We’re already lost at the risk of closeupness, in desperate need to relearn how to see.

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