Slow appeal 🐢

Slow appeal 🐢

Conventional wisdom says that we should emphasize speed over power. After all, he who runs the fastest wins the race.

But life is a marathon, not a sprint. Malcolm Gladwell once said proper books should take at least two years to write.

“We need to be a little bit more tortoise-y and a little less hare-ish.”

Malcolm Gladwell

The era of ‘move fast and break things’ has led to a poor product. Once the darling of Silicon Valley, Facebook transformed a nemesis of democracy for permitting fake news to spread between echo chambers and the darkest of tribes.

What if instead of rushing to the finish and shipping clickbait disguised as a morally inferior product, we thought through the ramifications of greed-inspired releases. The reality is that a good consumer-friendly product takes time to build.

Testing and learning are indispensable. The extra time also allows ideas to simmer, attract feedback, and make revisions while moving forward in progression.

The principle of do small things, slowly is best illustrated in the video below. The aim is consistency and experience, not the 100-meter dash.