Faith can move mountains

“There is a positive correlation between the fear of death and the sense of unlived life,” writes Oliver Burkeman in The Antidote (Amazon). Futuring is a tough business. We toggle between our present number of choices along with desires and goals that reinforce the prioritization of time. Knowing that we can’t do it all, most people […]


Guided by the dream

Try to think without images. You can’t. Pictures make up the mind. Try to make a decision without some sort of confidence. You can’t. Even uncertainty snags onto temporary absolutes. Try to remain calm and dictate your inner talk. You can’t. Be prepared to hear the monkey mind instead. But try to achieve a goal […]

Live to work and work to live

We love to feel embattled because we like to think we labored for it. If we haven’t struggled, we haven’t yet lived. The urge to grind away at the remarkable supersedes trepidation. So we feel the fear and do it anyway. “I’ll tell you what freedom is to me: No fear. I mean, really – […]

Into the wilderness

The game of goal setting is a choice. Instead of leaving your future to the whims of nature, you create your own course and chase an ideal outcome. As Hunter S. Thompson advised: “a man who procrastinates in his CHOOSING will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.” Choice, however, does not make […]

Fleeting motivation

Here today, gone tomorrow. Motivation is fickle. But what if you promised yourself you’d get it done regardless of how you felt? Going to the gym, doing homework, emailing the boss — there is no time like now time. You’ll feel incentivized if, under no circumstance, you have to do it anyway. Good habits are […]

The nothing special

Look for a way of life, unmoored from staring at the donut hole. Conversely, the hybrid of work and life is what makes the donut whole. The game of goal-setting is paradoxically non-interventionist. You don’t attack the carrot, you chew on it slowly. The policy of non-engagement holds into force the inertia of nature’s progress. […]

The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky

Every advance reveals a new shortcoming. Your job is to endure the lows and optimize the highs to achieve a positive slopewithin the jaggedness of the messy middle — so that, on average, every low is less low than the one before it, and every subsequent high is a little higher. Scott Belsky, The Messy Middle: Finding Your Way Through the […]

Your vocation chooses you

We all start out with a dream, a goal of someone or something we want to emulate. We keep that dream close, putting up bedroom posters and memorizing phrases that propel us to keep pushing toward our goal. But then something else happens along the way? The creative gods tell us to do something else instead. […]

Goal setting 2018 where all believing is betting

Offbeat, except in normal life. Shaken, not in rage to be stirred. A contrarian, narrowed into a consensus view. Constant surprises, a search for settlement. Ludicrous ambition, tolerable mediocrity. Finally a new year, with more conviction this time. Writes Gary Lachlan in [easyazon_link identifier=”1782500022″ locale=”US” tag=”wells01-20″]The Caretakers of the Cosmos[/easyazon_link]: “Without goals, without some purposeful […]

Fear is never as bad as it seems

Most fears are irrational. When we let what we’re scared of drive our decision-making, we seek safety which mostly means inaction. Like algae, we prefer to stay local, isolated from the from the sun that feeds us with its light. So how can we get where we want to go when a constant state of […]

Get started now

You don’t work better under pressure. It only feels that way because you have no other choice. Procrastination has negative emotional consequences. We spend more time fretting about getting something done than actually doing it. The action is never is nearly as bad as the anticipation. Whatever your philosophy of getting started is – taking […]

Dreaming into your phone 

The electronic world disrupted reality and outsourced our dreams to phones. Marinating in the inspiration of bits and bytes merely moves things along. Real change happens beyond the screen. It requires the force of physical presence. Things evolve when you put yourself into them. The lean back experience is code for fear.

New year, new you

If you want to predict your future, scan the collection of moments from the present to the past. Presumably, there are some things you want to change going forward in the new year. But the want is usually temporary; passion ebbs after the initial boost of interest. The game of goal setting is tricky. Most […]

Alan Watts: Your Life is Not a Journey With a Destination

Life is not a journey. A journey assumes an end point. A journey prepares for the future and precludes living and playing in the present. Life only looks linear because that’s the way it’s been set up. We go from elementary school, high school, college, and then go into the workforce where we get trapped […]

The 100% Rule

Half-ass efforts produce half-ass results. The same goes for 99 percent effort. If you don’t commit 100 percent to whatever it is–quitting smoking, writing a book, taking photography seriously–it’s going to fall to the wayside. “99 per cent is a b*tch. 100 per cent is a breeze.” Jack Canfield, The Success Principles What do you […]