You’re better off going into the wilderness

You're better off going into the wilderness

The game of goal setting is a choice. Instead of leaving your future to the whims of nature, you can create your own course and chase an ideal outcome.

As Hunter S. Thompson advised: “a man who procrastinates in his CHOOSING will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.”

Choice, however, does not make the road more predictable. Setting out a degree of chance and failure is a good thing.

Losing one dream often redirects you into other adventures. Success is a corollary to effort, although you must be confidently blind hoping everything works out in the end.

Nothing is stopping you from calling it a day, to cease thinking for yourself, and pursuing absolutes. School devours obedient students.

But human beings are hardwired to seek meaning, to go beyond the foundation and stretch the imagination. To play servant to autopilot is the cousin of death.

When open enough, patient, optimistic, and espousing a unique worldview, you’d be surprised at how often your ambitions boomerang back into your life.