Harnessing Brain Power

Everything is just a matter of organization. The way we organize our thoughts, our fears, and our work helps us understand, perceive, and make decisions in the world around us. There is no such thing as the perfect organization. There’s only a system that works for you or doesn’t work at all and needs change. […]


Opportunities and problems go together. But it’s your perspective that determines how you see the good or bad of this dialectic. It’s of course much easier to be a pessimist. Bad thoughts are typically stickier than the good ones. Optimism is harder to produce. But when you look at your challenges with a pragmatic lens […]

Having Heart: Can We Rethink Life’s Stresses?

What if the learner’s fear could be construed as a positive challenge? What a skier—or anyone—could be made to believe that the pounding and fluttering were actually a resource, tools for enhanced performance? If you look at stress in positive light, “reappraise arousal,” and get excited about the forthcoming challenge you’re more likely to have […]