How Instagram homogenizes our creativity

Instagram is a clash of sameness: the same travel pics, coffee cup shots, and innumerable selfies. The app ‘homogenizes‘ photography so that all images look roughly the same. It’s always refreshing to see Instagram users who are trying something different, who are using the platform to explore their creativity instead of posting endless food porn. Not only are […]

The gateway to light is the eye

A short-term realist, a long-term optimist. Can one hedge against fear and doubt while simultaneously pushing for a better and brighter future? Most of us struggle in bear markets, when confidence ebbs into despair. We can only permit pertinacity. What keeps one going is the light at the end of the tunnel, connecting the slightest […]

Goal setting 2018 where all believing is betting

Offbeat, except in normal life. Shaken, not in rage to be stirred. A contrarian, narrowed into a consensus view. Constant surprises, a search for settlement. Ludicrous ambition, tolerable mediocrity. Finally a new year, with more conviction this time. Writes Gary Lachlan in [easyazon_link identifier=”1782500022″ locale=”US” tag=”wells01-20″]The Caretakers of the Cosmos[/easyazon_link]: “Without goals, without some purposeful […]

Remember to frame that vacation photo

If you want to remember a vacation, you’re almost better off framing a picture rather than just posting it on your Instagram feed. According to recent research, owning a physical photo is more likely to encourage someone to share their experience with others. It turns out that digital images are terrible cues. “Back in the […]

A crisis in boredom

Remember what it was like to be bored before the internet spread its wings of distraction? The newbies won’t confess. With everything available to them at their thumbs, they’ll never know a world where people once stared at walls for nothing. Magazines at the dentist’s office will remain untouched, replaced by the rectangular glow of […]

Forgetting is just as important as remembering

Can you imagine if you remembered everything? If you tried to remember everything, your brain would never have enough space to learn new skills and ideas. It would also make you go insane. Even Einstein often forgot people’s names. Thankfully, the mind works like a dishwasher. It retains information deemed relevant for later use and […]

A surfeit of meaning

We’re consuming too much and paying attention too little, especially when it comes to bits and bytes. Consumption eviscerates meaning. How many TED talks can you watch before getting bored of the same didactic stories? Writes Eliot on his BearLamp blog: “When you watch your first video, it’s pretty new, it’s unique and insightful. The […]

Thinking less to do more

Rhythm builds thoughtlessness. The work becomes more natural out of mechanical motion, doing without thinking. Employees can’t make one hundred sandwiches in a couple hours without silencing the monkey mind. The process of unthinking begets a chorus of action. Similarly, we can’t dribble a basketball nor soccer ball effectively while focusing on the mechanics of […]