The dopamine surge

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Dopamine is a superpower. Our brain hunts it down in the expectation of feeding it with some type of satisfaction, be it coffee or social media.

But our anticipation often exceeds reality. The coffee aroma smells better than the grounded beans actually taste. Capturing the photo and preparing to share it feels better than receiving all the likes.

Our imagination swims in desire, all the while ignoring the risks for drowning in it. Like a magnet, we are drawn to the pleasures of irreality. There's no stopping us from swinging into a narcotic sunset.

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  1. Appreciate the thoughtful comment. Let me know if you need any advice on social media — been at the game more than a few years now. wellsbaum[at]

  2. I don’t drink coffee and I’m new to social media and I definitely agree with you. The preparation and expectation of how well the post will do, is so much greater than everything that comes after. I just think it’s human nature to build things up in our minds. Great post and I absolutely love the video of the girl on the swing. Very unique.

  3. Wells you are incredibly talented.
    unfortunately the “insta-fame” and the fuzzy warm feeling of getting likes isn’t going away any time soon!
    keep your friends close and plug sometimes 🙂

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