Train the mind to see

We all want to be ahead of the game. But nobody knows anything, nor do they want to do the work. They just want to hear advice that sounds good.

The problem with advice is that what usually works for one person rarely works for another. Success happens in so many different ways. All that matters is we keep swimming towards our next destination.

But where on Earth do we go?

Sometimes the best direction is a mere adaptation, we start with what we have and ace it. Elasticity guarantees that we’ll have come out changed.

The best way to verify that you are alive is by checking if you like variations.

Nassim Taleb, Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder

How well we cope with life’s unpredictable challenge predetermines how far we’ll go. Attitude, motivation, these are the variables under our control.

The intention of the mind facilitates the intention of the eye.

There’s no such thing as a four-hour work week. It’s the sorcery of such lifehacks and shortcuts that when unachieved, inhibit the consistent little actions that create waves.