Working backward

We all know what we want. Our main challenge is in getting there. 

If we take our end-destination in mind and outline the steps to reach it by working backward, the goal suddenly becomes less intimidating.

The only way to “control” the future is to steady our mentality and take immediate action. Making progress requires both urgency and patience with the process. More often than not, this means persisting through failure by learning from our mistakes.  

Greatness is scarce because so few people want to endure long periods of struggle.

Mastering each step of the craft fortifies the fundamentals and strengthens our “why.” Knowing our purpose helps push us through temporary and unforeseen hurdles.

There’s power and magic in practice. Only the indolent think they can perfect the work in theory — all talk, zero execution. 

The art of pertinacity demands that we keep going because it’s the bravest thing we can do. 

Get the pen and paper out. Feel compelled to identify what’s destiny and map out the road it takes to get there.