A pace to play

The world is covered with assholes. How do we build the confidence up to shuck them without stabbing ourselves?

At first, we take small risks. And then we let them compound into a catalog of fortified emotions. Drip by drip, the audacity of hope builds into a fortress of perspective.

Once in awe of our capabilities, our concerns feel smaller. We become less anxious and more courageous despite pending hurdles. The future is predictably unpredictable, so we chin up, chest out, and clench fists.

Once we pick a craft that frames who we are, a personality stitched together by invention and creativity, can we become artifact-collecting students instead of feeling lost by AI-powered software. Let the robots remain vocationally challenged.

Developing the pace to play, no matter how intimidating, makes possible a reason and route for being. We must remain fundamentally competitive and maintain a buffet of skills to stay upright.