Passion precedes more

The appetite for more wears us down.

The introvert feels like they have to act more like an extrovert. Talk lots and we’ll appear knowledgeable and skillful, the theory goes.

We put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to get better and to own more — the VP position unlocks the house, the head honcho finally gets the Porsche.

But isn’t it all a facade — to expect ourselves to want what other people want regardless of our own inherent comportment?

#Mondaymotivation is unnecessary inspiration porn. The extra stress to conform isn’t worth it. What individuates individuals is doing what we think matters.

When you take a job take a long look at the people you’re going to be working with-because the odds are you’re going to become like them; they are not going to become like you. You can’t change them. If it doesn’t fit who you are, it’s not going to work.

Eric Barker, Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Sure, we have to expect ourselves to achieve things before we go after them. Beliefs are instruments for good living. But moving up should fly in accordance with our own interests.

Chasing the material upgrades boost happiness in the short-term. Following our own unambiguous passions will never fade as quickly.

Both the dare and the struggle for honesty are worth it.