Punching back against nihilism

The brain is stuck on hype rather than facts and figures. It devours the external stimuli of incessant feeds and 24/7 news and predictably shuns the details. If we want to overthrow the swathe of nihilism, then we need to create a system that supports credibility. The algorithm failed to do it. Pre-programmed maths exposed […]


Dancing with the algorithms

Dancing with the algorithms, yielding results random but time-saving. How else are we to discover all these gems in a sea of content? From Spotify to Gmail, we accept the recommendations to curate and speak for us. Playlists generate themselves, email answers itself. Predictive life is human, stung with errors. The computers and their code […]

How algorithms destroy personal taste

Taste comes from an amalgamation of sources. It assumes that we’ve dabbled in both good and bad, and actively seek to find new things to recommend. But in this algorithmic world, taste gets delivered. Whether it’s the next Spotify song or someone to follow on Instagram, we adhere to the machine rather than following our […]

ORCAA, a logo to certify organic algorithms

“The internet is a propaganda machine,” writes author Cathy O’Neil in her book Weapons of Math Destruction where she criticizes the algorithms which have come to disrupt society and politics. Her latest project ORCAA, O’Neil Risk Consulting and Algorithmic Auditing, offers services to companies that promise to maintain a more honest algorithm that unlike Facebook, doesn’t sacrifice […]

Beware the algorithms

Six hundred red years ago, there was no such thing as personal identity. Only when people owned mirrors did they start seeing themselves as individuals. One hundred years ago, all fighter pilot seats were the same size until there became unnecessary deaths. The US Air Force adapted and customized its seating options. The mass markets ushered in by […]

Question the algorithms

It is a canard to think that math can’t fail. All you need to do is look at the way society constructs algorithms – from job and college applications to Facebook feeds to find out that sorting can be wrong and biased. In the case of the 2016 election, algorithms did more harm than good. Facebook […]

What do we read next?

Algorithms resolve two things: Indecision fatigue and the wisdom of crowds. The elevator is programmed to manage simultaneous requests while picking up passengers in route on the way up and down. If runs on a series of complex “if and then” statements to influence its movements. What to read next bears a similar issue. We […]

Take algorithms with a grain of salt

In a world of abundance, we need algorithms more than ever. From movies to books, music, and resumes, algorithms intend to save us time by eliminating a lot of the possibilities up front. The problem with algorithms though is that they remove the outlier. The things that shape you are usually outside your normal scope of […]

A world that runs on algorithms

Facebook pioneered the Newsfeed, the world’s first social algorithm, in 2006 to deal with the abundance of shared content. The algorithm continues to be the secret sauce of its business, a magic formula that it can tweak at any time to favor branded content or individuals, with ads sprinkled in between. From business to professional […]

The Beginning of a New Photo Era

I love Instagram. I publish to it once every day. But lately, it’s making me bored and immune to photography. Instagram isn’t edgy enough. There’s no story. Everyone takes a good picture. The line between professional and amafessional is blurry. The same can be said for VSCOcam which is beginning to develop its own artistic […]

From Minds to Algorithms

Predictability makes us confident. Predictability is what makes friends and family so trustworthy. We can guarantee with 100% certainty that they’ll be there when we need them. Internet algorithms deliver the same predictability. Pandora, Amazon, even iMessage, can predetermine what we want to listen to, buy, and say next. Google already serves as a second […]

Rise Above Big Data

Big data will crush life’s free will, planning everything to a series of algorithms that threaten spontaneity. What you should wear, eat, read, or listen to next is impossible to predict. You may like something completely out of the ordinary, off the predictive radar. And you may even discover it on your own. Time is […]