The paradox of proximity

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So close yet so far.  It appears that the closer we are to something: the gym, the pool, a loved one even, we are less likely to invest the time with them.

We avoid what's closest to us because proximity obviates the need for effort. When it's too easy, we have a propensity to get stuck in inertia.

Why do anything?

Procrastination is the purest form of idleness. Convenience is a lazy compromise. We need to get off our ass and jump into the world, especially when it matters.

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  1. I’ve had recent conversations with two different girlfriends about the perils of living with someone, one of them married and one of them unmarried. What they have in common? Feeling underappreciated, taken for granted. Such a common challenge. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hmm…never really thought about it much, but I have to say for the most part I agree. It’s amazing how much we don’t do things when they are close and easy.

  3. “Convenience is a lazy compromise.” So true. Especially now, you never have to leave your house. Get your groceries delivered. Get your dry-cleaning delivered. Get your movies delivered immediately to your TV screen. Pretty soon, we’ll be like those lazy people on “Wall-E” movie where they have machines moving them from place to place. So sad for the future of humankind.

  4. We have become a society that is too self-involved. So many of us are consumed social media and binge watching the latest shows. I’m amazed that were able to feed ourselves, bathe or go to work.

  5. This is interesting, I’ve never thought about it that way. The first thing that comes to mind is life in Alaska, where many were homesteading and living off of sustenance until the government stepped in and provided a lot of money and food, etc. for free, which led to less of a need to go out and gather food and supplies, which led to boredom, which led to substance abuse. This is a very generalized example but it has happened.

  6. Very true. There’s an economic barrier as well but simply making the solo effort to walk around or visit the zoo could make you appreciate the city more.

  7. The evil word of idleness which leads to being lazy. What a winding path this leads us. Always find something to do and accomplish, especially if your making goals.

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