We are nobody’s establishment

Good, bad, and ugly — honesty is what’s at stake. Of course, we strive for the perfect edited self. But such is a fallacy, as even influencers have adopted the strategy of no-makeup makeup.

Social media intends to captivate and drive mimetic desire. But all marketers are liars, as are the followers who buy the story. The sense of promise is a specter of underachievement. The amateur gets wrecked at nervous speed.

The truth is that some people inherit their success through luck and then repackage the rags to riches narrative. Their advice merely sounds good; all prescriptions are subjective. We never hear recommendations from those that fall down frequently and stay poor.

In reality, most people inherit the faith in discipline and engage in various activities to discover their worthy practice. Because there are no shortcuts, there are only ideas that we must exhaustively test in real life that lead us to a vocation.

Consistency is key, as the compounding magic of repetition leads to breakthrough solutions. Life’s work fuses diligence and passion. One advances with the trial and error approach of a scientist.

The shift from copying to advancing unique abilities separates individuals from the herd. Greatness builds from assertion and celebrates the differences. We are nobody’s establishment, for a good reason.